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Size Guide / Guide des Tailles / Größeninformationen / Guida Taglie / Tamaño: 

ICESPIKE does not have any size requirements - it is suitable for any rubber soled footwear - trainers, hiking boots, wellingtons and most other activity footwear.
See the product video for application guidance.

ICESPIKE n'a pas encore d'exigences de taille - il est adapté à tout caoutchouc chaussures à semelle - espadrilles, bottes, bottes en caoutchouc et la plupart des autres chaussures d'activité.

Voir la vidéo pour produit des conseils d'utilisation.

Icespike - Deluxe Package

ICESPIKE in a New Balance running shoesICESPIKE in a New Balance running shoes
  • ICESPIKE in a New Balance running shoes
  • ICESPIKE Deluxe set with applicator

What is ICESPIKE ?
It is a semi-permanent system installed directly onto the sole of any winter footwear, yet can be removed and will not damage the integrity of the sole. The ICESPIKE package includes an applicator, 32 icespikes manufactured from cold rolled, tool hardened steel and installation instructions. 'Winterize' any pair of rubber soled running shoes, hiking boots, wellingtons or snow boots, into awesome ice traction footwear...

Soon after ICESPIKE was launched it was quickly adopted by Runners, who realized that the simplicity, durability and light weight effectiveness of ICESPIKE perfectly met their needs. Allowing them to achieve traction on snow and ice and maintain their training throughout the winter. ICESPIKE adds no weight to the legs and does not affect gait. Unlike pull on ice grips - ICESPIKE does not slip and is ready to go at any time. It has now been discovered by a whole host of users:

  • Walkers, Hikers & Trekkers: ICESPIKE is not limited to icy conditions or seasons; wearers can navigate slick situations at any time of year, such as wet, mossy, muddy, rocky and root-bound trails with confidence. No need to worry about ice and snow getting lodged between the sole of your boots and the pull on traction product. ICESPIKE becomes part of the sole of your boots and with a special design to self clear of ice, snow and debris, you will maintain your walking stride, instead of having to stop and start to clear and adjust a pull on product.

  • Dog Walkers: ICESPIKE can be installed on a pair of wellingtons or walking boots and simply left by the door ready for walking time.

  • The Elderly: once installed, shoes and boots are always ready. This is particularly important for senior citizens, who often have difficulty putting on and removing strap-on and pull on devices, especially if they have Arthritic hands, fingers and wrists.

  • Horse & Stable Yard Workers - have also become big fans of ICESPIKE because they can quickly be fitted to muck boots and riding boots, providing traction in the stable yard and out in the fields. Whilst allowing the rider to put their feet into stirrups, which if wearing a pull on traction product, would be difficult

  • Outdoor Workers - such as a Highways Maintenance Operatives, or a Refuse Collector may cover many miles per day and transition between ice, slush, snow, dry pavement and back to ice again. Constantly having to put on and remove a pull on ice grip would be frustrating and time wasting. ICESPIKE can be installed on work boots and in addition to being more convenient is often much longer lasting than plastic pull on devices which have lots of soft material ground wear points, resulting in the device breaking after several outings

  • Anglers & Fishermen - slippery, slimy slipways on riverbanks, dams and lakes are often difficult to navigate for anglers and fishermen. Waders might keep you dry but like wellingtons they do not provide very good grip on slick surfaces. Installing ICESPIKE on waders provides traction on slipways and on mossy rocks and riverbeds

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  1. excellent product that works Review by martinwoo

    I use these in running shoes in the winter in northern UK - running on mountain trails; they work very well.
    I've only given 2 stars for value because I'd much rather buy just the spikes, I have plenty of 1/4 inch spanners and sockets and don't really need another.
    If you stocked the spikes only I'd have bought 3 packs instead of 1! (Posted on 13/02/2015)

  2. Icespike for dog walking Review by Mr P

    I purchased ICESPIKE at the beginning of 2012 after taking my young puppy for a walk and ended up doing a bad audition of dancing on ice! The weather improved so I could not do a true test. The return of bad weather this week prompted me to get my ICESPIKE out again. Result - excellent grip! I tried it on compact snow, glassy ice, ice with a layer of water, cleaned footpaths and roads. I have ICESPIKE in a dedicated pair of winter boots (for dog walking) and I also have a pair of ICEtrekkers Diamond Grip for use when I go somewhere that needs me to remove my grips for indoors e.g going to the shopping centre. My dog now wonders how I manage to keep up with him! 10 out of 10 excellent products and great service from (Posted on 06/02/2015)

  3. Keeping Horse Upright Review by Knol Top

    (I am a horse rider and my horse wears hoof boots)…I have screwed one ICESPIKE into a hoof boot where one of the original tungsten studs had come out, and can confidently assert it was easy to fix into place, but as yet unsure whether will stand up to wear. Was far simpler to fix than the tungsten studs (which are traditionally used with hoof boots). The hoof boot manufacturers should take note! I feel they're likely to be very good for human shoes, but may be that the sheer weight of a horse will force the grips back up into the hoof boot soles. I've put an EVA Comfort Pad innersole inside, against such eventuality. …Further to previous posting:
    10 inches snow on Boxing Night (we're edge of Peak National Park, at 1200 feet with some serious gradients), since tried the hoof boots on packed snow / ice.

    Bearing in mind only one of the ice gripper studs is inserted amongst the other tungsten-headed hoof boot studs, thus far it has stayed in place just fine, including several miles of walking on icy tarmac (not ridden continually in snow depth), whilst the mare weighs c. 650 kg, plus rider, plus saddle etc.

    I would say it is wearing faster than the tungsten studs (not surprising), but still plenty proud of the boot sole, and meanwhile yet another of the tungsten studs has come out. The ice gripper stud hasn't been forced up into the boot by mare's weight, and seems secure. Overall, the horse has slipped very little, although not possible to isolate ice gripper effect from that of the tungsten studs. I will replace lost tungsten stud with another ice gripper, and continue to monitor...Happy New Year!
    (Posted on 06/01/2015)

  4. sure grip! Review by rider

    These Icespikes do a fab job for off road grip. Very impressed with their ease of application and durability under pressure. Highly recommend. (Posted on 05/11/2014)

  5. Great Product! Great Service! Review by Steve

    The ICESPIKE's are great! Delivery to Russia was super-fast...


    *Easy installation

    *The spikes are very low profile and inconspicuous.

    *Once installed, the spikes are very secure, and never slip out of position.

    *Excellent grip in snowy and icy conditions.

    *Excellent on transitional surfaces, i.e. non-ice/snow covered surfaces.

    *Perfect, customized placement on every shoe.

    *Extremely lightweight.


    *Semi –permanent. I use ICEtrekkers Diamond Grips when I need removable traction.

    *Not quite as gripping on ice as some products
    with deeper, more pointed spikes (but still, very good)
    (Posted on 15/01/2014)

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