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Summer Solstice - Icegripper's Needed?

stonehenge_summer_solsticeICEGRIPPER celebrated (a rather soggy) Summer Solstice, along with many others in the UK, hoping for better weather to come? But spare a thought for our brothers and sisters ‘down under’. Not just Australia - but all the other Southern Hemisphere countries now entering their winter. Not sure about you but we use Google dozens of times per day and we like the Google doodles. They are amusing, funny and sometimes thought provoking. But the latest was lost on us? It wasn't until we read an article about the Summer Solstice that we made the connection that the Google doodle figures in their swim shorts, mask and snorkels were representing the fact that we are now officially entering summer. Interested to find out more we eventually ended up on the official Google doodle page.

summer_winter_google_doodle Google launched 2 simultaneous doodles, one for Northern Hemisphere countries entering summer and one for Southern hemisphere countries entering winter. Surely an indicator, if one were needed that we are living more than ever in an inter-connected global community? We are all creatures of our immediate environment and forget that whilst it is a cloudy, soggy day in the UK, simultaneously it might be +40c or even -20c in other locations on our diverse planet.

We’re regularly jolted into this realisation at ICEGRIPPER because we receive enquiries from Southern hemisphere countries at this time of year. We stock one of the widest range of ice grips and other winter traction products all year round. As a focused, specialist retailer, who test all our products (we have now tried over 100 different types of ice grips, ice cleats, snow chains, ice spikes) we can offer expert advice to both consumers and industrial users.

ICEtrekkers Diamond Grip at IcegripperWe have recently fulfilled Southern hemisphere customers orders and received requests from a Cold Store in Brazil, Ski Resort in Australia, Adventure Tour Operator in New Zealand, Ski Resort in Chile and Construction Company in the Falkland Islands. So the next time you are clicking around the internet, come to our ice grip products and think to yourself ‘Who buys these in Summer’? You know the answer…

Walk, work, run and play on winter ice and snow with ICEGRIPPER…

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Posted in Information by Carl Marsh